Themed Mms apk...for Eclipse or Liberty ROMs


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May 4, 2010
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Just thought that many of you like me just hates how the stock Mms app looks I've made it look like the blur messaging in the conversations portions... (screenshot below...)<br>
This is only for when you have it set to use the black backgrounds, the white goes back to the stock white...<br>
Only thing I'm still trying to tweak is when scrolling in that conversation screen, for some reason it has a white background only when you scroll which goes back to black once you stop scrolling, screenshot below as well...but while I try to isolate what is calling up that pressed white background, I figure most of you would still like to take this themed Mms.apk for a spin...try it you'll like<img class="inlineimg" title="Happy" border="0" alt="" src="" smilieid="29"><br>
<font size="4"><u><strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br>
<img border="0" alt="" src=";d=1326698061">
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Here's another
Three screenshots below of the Eclipse ROM's dialer screens...the first is what it looks like when you dial out or are recieving a call...however the stock incall and incall dialpad turns to a solid black background which I think looks hideous and doesn't really flow with that first screen (which looks absolutely beautiful IMHO)...
anyways, I've inbedded that beautiful background to both the incall and incall dialpad screens as you see in the second and third screenshots...

......enjoy the lucky several that takes the time to look at these
They look great Mbk!! :icon_ banana:
Thanks Bro... just some things for members to enjoy....if they find the dialer is good to go, but the Mms.apk still is a WIP altough even that has more than what's seen in the screenshot in that first post ..:happy3:...
I like it man! Very cool

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Appreciate the good words Bro...Thanks... another goodie for anyone that would like it... this is a keyboard replacement to the stock android GB one.. this pace I keep posting these goodies they all might add up to a decent theme for Eclipse v2.1 :biggrin:

Once again your themes are awesome! keep up the good work man!
Once again your themes are awesome! keep up the good work man!
Thanks Bro...although it's not a full blown I'm slowly converting my Bionic Eclipse 2.1 RC1 into EclipseBlu...:biggrin:


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Glad you like it...enjoy...:happy3:
Why not??'s one more goodie for Eclipse ...actually this 3DGallery I created a while back, but it looks great on Eclipse...the blue fits better with the EclipseROM's overall blue hue, better than that orange looking 3DGallery that is in the stock
I've not seen this for Eclipse ROM...maybe I haven't seen it but it's out there somewhere??...anyways, InvertedEclipseCalendar... works for sure on Eclipse v2.1 RC1, probably will on v2.0...
Full blown EclipseBlue Theme for Eclipse_v2.1_RC1 (OTA 5.9.901)..... added now is the framework, SystemUI, Settings, with most primary text colors converted to light or darker blue, as well as Calculator.apk and Talk2 apk (credit to Alastrionia, thanks Barry) (I'd also like to thank Chevy and John for some of their icons)...So basically all the apps I've released in this thread is in this full EclipseBlue theme as well...

I figured I'd throw everyone a curve and release this theme in this as a thanks to any of those that took the time to look in on this Easter Egg of sorts I guess...:p...
Anyways, enjoy my fellow members...and thanks for all your support thru the past couple years...Mahalo Nui Loa...

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