The Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Still King In The US


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Oct 6, 2011
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The Galaxy S8 is starting to hit doorsteps today, but it turns out many Americans aren't updating. In fact some Americans are still enjoying their Galaxy S5s! According to a report by Kantar World Panel 15.6% of all active Samsung smartphones in the US are Galaxy S5 units while the Galaxy s6 accounts for just 11.4% and Galaxy S7 accounts for just 11.5%. The S5 happened to be one of Samsung's lower performing devices having sold just 12 million units during the first 3 months of launch.

The S5 is getting pretty old but is still a usable device thanks to its user replaceable battery. Newer Galaxy devices won't last as long or at the very least would need to be taken to a repair shop to have the battery changed to make them last longer. I am interested to know how many members here at DroidForums are still carrying the Galaxy S5. What is the main reason you have held on to the device? Do you plan on upgrading anytime soon, and to what device?

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I'm still rockin an S5 on our personal AT&T account that I inherited from step-son. It replaced my OG Note. But to be honest it's not my EDC phone. I only use it at home and for music streaming while running, working in the yard etc. The Turbo on the company VZW account is the EDC because...well paychecks are nice.
I personally was happy to upgrade to the S6, the flap on the micro usb was a fail.

EDC is S7-Edge now.
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EDC is the S7.

S5 is still used as a wifi device. Camera is decent. Works great for music around the house. Also use it to broadcast meetings to FB Live private user group. Carry the S5 for likely wifi events like the airport. No personal info is stored on the S5. Use the S5 for movies at the airport. This keeps the S7 battery at full.
My S5 is still my primary device. Primarily for the removable battery. I had an S6 for work and that battery split the case in half! I'm happy with it even though it is not as fast as the more recent models.
Im still on my S5. Outside from the camera, everything else works fine still. Camera is working fine, but it's definitely outdated,especially on low light environment. Still good when taking pictures outside under the sun though. Havent skipped a bit, at least thats how it feels like, and my 3 extra batts are still being used up. The charger cover flap is still intact on my device unlike others. The only thing that gave out on me was the back cover since I cracked the side due to x amount times of changing the battery.

Next upgrade will likely be a Note8 or S7 if the price drops.
I have to admit that I was still quite happy with my S5 Active, My opinion is this was the best quality phone Samsung produce. The Free VR and $150 gift card from Sam's Club, got me to upgrade. The S5 Active we continue to be used donated to a less fortunate in the family.