The quintessential, be-all, end-all backup utility?


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Jan 4, 2012
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I recently broke my Razr, and after spending days and days trying to get things back like they were, my frustration level is through the roof! I lost a lot of information that I can never get back, because I was too cheap to pony up for the paid version of the apps to allow online storage of the information.

I've tinkered with Titanium Backup a little in the past, and done some reading about Nandroid, but they both seem catered to "tinkerers". I know I could probably buy the "pro" version of all of my apps, and at least be able to get the info back if needed, but I figured by now someone has had to have come up with a "perfect" backup utility. I figured paying for something like that would be cheaper, faster, and ultimately better than buying the pro version of all of my apps. I'm basically looking for a backup utility that will make an exact copy of everything on my phone so I could duplicate it if I lose or destroy my phone again. I'm rooted, running superuser, and will probably play with some custom ROMs later, so the backup app would have to be friendly to tinkerers, but in a perfect world it would be easy enough to non-tech savy people to use also, so I could install it on my wife's phone. I would prefer some sort of auto-save feature that would take a snapshot however often you tell it to, and online storage would be a plus, although saving it to the SD card would suffice if you break the phone but don't lose it. Does anything like this exist? I know Motorola has some sort of solution, but I have my doubts about it being "tinkerer friendly". Am I just going to have to bite the bullet and use something like Nandroid that requires a lot more manipulation?