problem with all backup apps


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Jan 29, 2010
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ok, first my phone is rooted, currently running chevy's rom, but also have used bugless beast and UD, have the same problems with them all.

For a couple months now titanium backup will backup fine but when trying to restore apps, with or without data, the phone will do a quick reboot. Mybackup pro will backup and restore fine, except the apps on the sd card, at least thats all i think im missing. which the app might just not be able to do that. Chevy's backup using the bkapp and rstapp scripts also backup fine but won't restore anything to the sd card and it's supposed to. also a little ways in superuser permissions ends up force closing and then it exits terminal and everything force closes and i have to wipe the phone.

I have a feeling whatever is causing titanium to reboot is also causing the problem with chevy's but i have no idea what it is. the only that works for me to get my apps back is to just restore the data portion of a nandroid backup, but thats restoring more than just the apps.

Since the apps are still on the sd card, isnt there an easy way to have the phone see them again? or isnt the whole app on the sd card