The Original Virtual Bubble Wrap


Jan 4, 2010
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Boston suburbs
The official app of, the Original Virtual Bubble Wrap
You may have seen other Bubble Wrap apps in the past, but my original web game has been around since 1996 in some form and now you finally have the official app. The web game has been mentioned in such places as Reuters and the New York Times and seen on CNN and Good Morning America.

This is the official app of Virtual Bubble Wrap® - the original, providing bubble popping fun since 1996, The Original Virtual Bubble Wrap website. Do you like to pop Bubble Wrap®? Well this is the app for you! Choose between three different sized bubbles and pop away. Each sheet is randomized so no two sheets ever look exactly alike. Bubbles pop when you press them or, for a more exciting experience, check "Manic Mode" and just move your finger across the screen, popping all bubbles it touches. Game includes a timer so you can see how well you are doing, a high score board so you can brag about it later, and a hint mode that lets you know where the unpopped bubbles are if you get stuck.

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