[APP][2.2+] Virtual Bubble Wrap


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Jun 21, 2013
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Virtual Bubble Wrap v 1.01

Feeling stressed? This Bubble Wrap can help you!)
This application lets you wrap bubble everytime & everywhere! Let's remember childhood!)

  1. Virtual bubble wrap with sound and vibrate!
  2. Popping bubbles on time! (popped bubbles regenerate every 10 seconds, pop as many bubbles as you can)
  3. Choose texture for bubbles!
  4. Create picture from bubbles!
  5. Send picture of bubbles to facebook!
  6. Bubble Wrap on your home screen!

The URL to Google Play is Bubble Wrap
Attention! Its interesting and cool!)
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Update to version 1.02
1.01. Fixed bugs: app crash at start on some devices, app crash when post vkontakte.
1.02. Fixed texture bug on some devices, in particular on samsung devices. Please comment, if you have bugs now.
Update to version 1.03
Fixed live wallpaper crash.
We've found some users, who like this application! And so, we want to add some new features. But we can't choose what to do first. Help us) Poll in this thread.
Update to version 1.04
Now you can choose texture for bubble wrap! More textures soon!
Update to version 1.05
Add new texture
Add new sounds
Fix save settings of live wallpaper
Now you can remove ads