Teacher had a panic attack with MY DROID in her hand

Fantastic Story !! I'm loving all the different types of feedback and opinions. I find i amazing how we go from teacher picking up the phone and flipping out to how everyone was treated as a child and so forth and so on...

Gotta Love that Droid :motdroidhoriz:
But this comment was completely unnecessary
A lot of things are unnecessary in this thread. Like a dropout trying to justify cell phone usage in class. Or a college grad(wow!) telling someone that they don't know what they are talking about because they are in college. People have been fling poo at each other since the first page.

Buck up and take it, or don't read it.

Stop right there.

DO NOT take my posts out of context. thank you.
I'm amazed that A. this thread had generated that much controversy and B. that it hasn't been closed by a mod.
I'm amazed that A. this thread had generated that much controversy and B. that it hasn't been closed by a mod.

I think because its not stagnant. For the most part, its moving on in its discussion, without too much flaming.
I like this.

An ex-cop telling us that kids these days usually make the right deicison, then goes on to say that sex, smoking pot, and other crap is going on in the classrooms. Thats actually been mentioned a few times in this thread.

Contradict much?

And kids ARE GOING TO HAVE SEX AND SMOKE POT AND SHOOT UP HEROIN IF THEY SO CHOOSE!!!! And if they do choose to do so, they are grown up enough to make the right decisions to do it the right way. And yes there is the ones that do do things very stupidly, but the majority can do it the right way if they decide to do something like that....trust me

I like this.

An ex-cop telling us that kids these days usually make the right deicison, then goes on to say that sex, smoking pot, and other crap is going on in the classrooms. Thats actually been mentioned a few times in this thread.

Contradict much?

I didn't say it was OK, and I'm not saying it's not OK. Kids, PEOPLE are going to do what they are going to do. I just try to guide them in the direction I FEEL is right.

After 20 years of being a cop, and I'm female by the way, I'd rather have them having protected sex, talking on the phones IN CLASS, and smoking the occasional joint then them raping babies, joining gangs, murdering their parents (who where to stupid to notice that their child was having problems) and planning and committing Columbine High School massacres!

Kids today ARE more responsible than you think and I still don't think the OP did anything wrong!


I'm amazed that A. this thread had generated that much controversy and B. that it hasn't been closed by a mod.

I'm not sure if I have seen comments as ridiculous as some of the above. Sex, pot and heroin done the right way? Ok, I can believe the sex part, but heroin done the right way? What a stupid statement. The ex-cop who says he would rather have kids use cell phones in class than rape babies and murder? Are they the alternate choices to using a cell phone? OMG.
I really don't see this thread going south any faster than it has. My apologies for paraphrasing the previous comments. I agree with hookbill that I am surprised that a mod hasn't closed this.
This is how I would've handled it: "FREEZE B-TCH!!! PUT DOWN THE $600 PHONE AND STEP AWAY SLOWLY..."

*slams phone against the wall*
And so now we are at a crossroad.......
With HS kids, and the like thinking that they have some god given right to be complete jerks, disrespectful, arrogant, and downright smart a**es.

And then to have that supported by the blindness of some adults thinking that it really isn't the WORSE thing they could be doing.

Come on America, are people really becoming this blind? It is EXACTLY these type of things being "OK" in today's world that are causing the kids to think that it is ok to do something like Columbine High School.

There is "NO" respect for other's property, family, and LIFE by far too many of the younger generation! This MUST change, and it starts at home by the parent standing FIRM and being a parent. Too many parents just want to be "FRIENDS", or not cause any conflict.

Kids need to be taught what is right and what is wrong, and be allowed to make bad decisions, but when that BAD decision is made the PARENT must stand firm and strong!

Cell phones need to be made illegal in all schools!! There is absolutely NO reason any kid (even in High School) needs a cell phone, MP3 player, or any other electronic device that is intended for social or entertainment activities.

The poor spelling and use of the English language is proof of the dumbing down that is happening because of these devices.

We need to get back to kids learning in school, and having respect for the adults that are there trying to teach them. No teachers are not without fault, as NO human is. However, they are being put in a position that aligns them to fail because we have lost our backbones!!

These are my thoughts, so I don't expect everyone to agree with them. I do know that my children will NOT have a cell phone out in school ever if they are even allowed to have a cell phone at all. If they do, I will destroy the phone myself (I have already done it once).

EDIT: By the way, before I have someone start flaming me about NOT knowing what I am talking about I thought I would add some additional comments.

I have 5 children that range in age from 19 to 4. I grew up in a very large family as 1 of 13 children. I know the tests that I did with my father (my mother died when I was 10 year old), and I regret to this day the way I treated him and never got to tell him this.
I have already had some tough things to deal with regarding my 2 oldest children, but I dealt with them and did not shy away!
For the most part, I let them make their mistakes and bad decisions.
I also made them pay the price when they were caught. It wasn't easy, and I know it will not be with the younger ones but I will remain strong in my expectations! I can only hope that my strength will give them the ability to find the right answers when the tough decisions come.

Driving is not a right, but a privilege and can be revoked when abused.

Cell phones need to be treated the same way.

If a police officer stops you for a traffic violation would you be so fast to start the argument and threatening stance that some have stated in here that they would have done with this teacher? My guess is that you probably would not. You would have a nice trip to jail or juvenile detention. Your car would be impounded, and nothing you or your parent could do (other than to pay the fines and costs) would do you any good.
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Alright... I know im probably about to get flamed for even saying this but look guys... Those of you that think its all the students fault or all the teachers fault you are wrong.. Its the school administrations fault for putting these rules in place which of course go back to the government but lets not go there... For example in my high school here are a few policies that are obviously the result of one idiot thinking they know best for everyone or the majority:
1) students are not allowed to have food or drink from outside the school such as fast food non diet drinks and must buy their food from the lunchroom or snack machines... This is a county policy for lunchtime and our principal made it for all day... Punishment of everyone for a few people that might get obese because they can't control their weight...
2) cell phones are not allowed to be out or on at all even during your lunch period... Even though this time is obviously the students time to waste if they want... They say that this is to prevent cheating... Again obviously if you really wanted to chest on a test why would a rule about cell phones detour you at all... you're already cheating..?
3) You're clothes are not allowed to have ANY frays on them (I'm not talking holes I'm talking white frays on your pants for example) regardless of whether or not the clothes have the frays made into them... Now if someone would kindly explain to me why this is a rule I'd be happy to explain why I think it shouldn't be... Besides anyone that has shopped for jeans that are for the teen generation should know its pretty much you either wear skinny jeans that show off your package (or droid x) or you buy the ones that have frays in them... Any other kind you will be hoping all across town for just a couple pair...
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Damn kids and their cell phones nowadays!

Not that I'm even old (25) but back when I was in high school, I never even HAD a cell phone. My mom finally got me one of those pre-paid ones the last few months of my senior year in case I missed the school bus or something, but it was in no way to be used for other purposes (until I got a girlfriend a while later and burned all my minutes calling her lol).

Nowadays kids take cellphones to elementary school. It's ridiculous.
unless you drive, there is no reason for students to have cell phones. Schools have phones for emergencies (and no, figuring out if suzy can go home with mary, 10 minutes before school lets out does not constitute as an emergency)

a dumb phone is a perfectly acceptable phone for kids who drive and need it for emergencies like "flat tire, be home 20 minutes late" or "in a fender bender, can you come to xx and xx"

contrary to belief, kids are not ready for all the responsibilities of life. Do you want to know why college classes are more lax on stuff like attendance and cell phones? Because the responsibility of education shifts 100% to them. Case in point, as teacher is trying to start class, the O.P. is texting whomever. Problem is, when he fails the test, everyone blames the teacher. That's enough to make anyone of us stress out, especially if our job is on the line.

That school in general sounds like a stellar academic institution though :rolleyes: Sounds like an inner city school. I'm sure there are a ton of Rhodes scholars coming out of that place lulz