Teacher had a panic attack with MY DROID in her hand


Jan 5, 2010
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Was a regular day, I went to. 5th period and in class I was on my phone then the teacher got irritated and took my phone. The she freaked out at some students before she made it to the desk and she went ****in beserk and was swinging her hand around (my droid still in it) and I got up and tried to talk to her and as soon as I stood up she threatend to throw it at the wall. She yelled at me for being lazy and she thought I was being rude or something and I calmy explained to her I didn't mean to be rude and I appologized then she calmed down kinda of and she slammed my phone into my hand and then security came and got her. Close one for the Droid.
Should just calmly tell her to put down the $600 phone .. please ...

hehe XD hope she gets the help she needs.
Apparently the DROID got to her :icon_ devil:

Nice to hear that your DROID survived. Now keep it in your bag during class :p So it won't have to endure that kind of treatment again :icon_eek:
I was nervous reading this. Glad it didn't end in her dropping it or something. Hope you learned your lesson. :p
Should just calmly tell her to put down the $600 phone .. please ...

hehe XD hope she gets the help she needs.

Prettty sure she wulda took that as a threat lol

But she usuallly didn't care about my phone but today she jus went insane
As a Droid owner, I sympathize, but as an adult, if I was the teacher, I would have thrown it against the wall.

...and then threatened you.

Ha, I would of told her the only way she was getting my Droid was when she preyed it from my cold dead fingers, get your own Droid. But then I never did good in high school, or with authority for that matter.
I have to say I would have tossed it out the window! Your in school to learn and by you playing with your phone you WERE disrespecting her!

If I did something like this my dad would have wooped my a** until I couldnt sit!

I love phones but they are also very bad! I hate how people will be on their phone talking in the checkout line and never end their conversation while being checked out!! To me that is rude to the cashier!

I guess it just boils down to manners and respct!
Lmao this is a whole new Generation. In this generation: Teachers rarely give 2 ****s if your on your phone. Atleast where Im from. If she had broken my phone she would have been fired(she may even be fired now since there have been other issues about her) and the school would have payed for my new phone. She doesnt even care about phones. She only took it cuz she was upset. and @ koralyne I didnt tell the story word for word. but pretty much teachers 4 doors down heard her yelling and the teacher next door came over and talked to her and Im assuming either she or another teacher called security. At my school a student using a phone in class is the last problem any teacher is worried about. lmao. Theres students who smoke weed in class (and get away with it.)
If I were this kids father he wouldn't have anything more then a common cell phone. Even if he worked for it and paid for it himself.

It allows a child complete access to the internet. Unsupervised, this is dangerous.

Bet this kids glad I'm not his dad.:D:D