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Oct 23, 2010
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I was wondering does task killers harm my android 2.2, by slowing my phone down? I've been ready that some people say it does and other say it don't. I've been using task cleaner pro since day one. Should I use android task killer instead?

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For the love of your phone no...it will blow it up.

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Another task killer thread..don't use a task killer they in no way benefit android. Android was designed to run a lot of apps at once and will close apps as needed by itself. As stated by google, free ram on android is just empty estate.

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Deleted task killer. Thanks for your imput.

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The only way your phone suffers is from resources/battery, since you can't disable the android os tk you'll have two running, and most stuff that market tk close android will just open right back up, stick with stock, if you're having memory issues find an app that limits how much memory the os/apps can use, say you have 200mb, use the app to set it to 150 and you'll see a little performance increase and a longer battery life
You don't need a task killer BnB beat me to posting the thread. See his post and please read that thread.
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