Tak3n Trailer Surprises; Could be the best of all 3 Movies!


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Before watching the brand new trailer for Tak3n, (the official name of Taken 3), I was not in the least bit interested in seeing this film. Don't get me wrong, I am a big Liam Neeson fan, and really enjoyed the first movie and was entertained by the second one.

The only reason I was actively avoiding this movie was because the idea has worn thin, and I don't like to support sequels just for the sake of sequels. Apparently I underestimated the creativity of Hollywood writers.

After gawking at the coolness of this trailer, it looks like a perfect "end-cap" to the trilogy, and I am actually more excited to see this movie than the first two!
Bryan Mills said:
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Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.24.31 PM.png

Looks like HTC got in on this one...
This guy has the worst luck or he's just plain terrible at protecting his family. I'll go with the latter :) :)
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It must be bad karma. lol!