Tablet screen wont turn on

Sep 10, 2014
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Toshiba AT300

I have a Toshiba AT300 tablet and I’m having this strange problem.
I can be working normally on whatever it is and sometimes when the screen auto locks or I lock it by myself, the next time I try to unlock it the screen won’t turn on, and I think it is the screen because y can force shut it down by holding the lock button and then turn it on back again normally. And sometimes if I leave it there just for a few minutes it will work next time.
It might not be a big deal but is really annoying and it’s happening more often every time. Even though I've already made a system reset.

Sometimes it shows me this annoying flashing, floating message that says: "I'm sorry, unknown error program, will exit"for as long as I have the device on. I don’t know if this has something to do or if it is just something else.

If some of you have had the same problem that can help me I will appreciate your help.