Tab 4 8" won't connect to some sites that are not offline


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Nov 5, 2010
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This started out of the blue yesterday. So far, these are the sites: ABC News (mobile or desktop), (mobile or desktop), CBS (mobile or desktop). Other sites, like, load. The sites that won't load are not offline, as I'm able to load them on my laptop and Galaxy S4. There is never an error message, just a blank page that never finishes loading.

This happens in Dolphin and Mercury browsers, indicating to me that this must be some problem with the OS itself, rather than an individual browser.

I've already rebooted and done a factory data reset, which helped for a few hours, but now the problem is back and as you can likely imagine, I've no wish to FDR every day. I also disabled web surfing protection in my Avira for Android, thinking that might have been the culprit. Obviously not.

I've read that browsers throwing up blank pages on active sites has been a known problem in Android. One suggested solution was to edit my APN and rename it from VZWINTERNET to just plain INTERNET, but all this did was remove my arrows and gray out my 4G icon, so I changed it back.

I'm rather flummoxed by this because everything else functions smoothly on my tab. I'm able to go to most other websites, just none of the ones I mentioned. I receive email, IMs, push notifications. All apps are able to use the Net.

Can anyone elucidate?

Thank you.