T-Mobile's New 'Uncarrier' Pricing Leaked Ahead of Press Event


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Dec 30, 2010
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A couple of days ago we shared news that T-Mobile was launching a press event on the 26th of this month in which they will share their new "Uncarrier" pricing model for customers. As you can see from the pic above, the details have already been leaked. The pricing is pretty aggressive. If you don't need tethering, that $90 dollar per month unlimited plan is very tempting.

The most important distinction to remember about these plans is they are not contracts! If T-Mo can beef up their LTE network quickly enough, they could be a real contender for consumer dollars. What do you guys think?

Source: Engadget
Wait. Are these prices if you buy the phones at full price? I thought that by doing that, the prices would be cheaper?
If their network was better, I'd considered it once Big Red forces me off my unlimited data.
The prices in that picture dont add up to several other sites I've seen this pricing leak on. From what I've seen and researched (I am wanting to drop Verizon and switch to this) the pricing is as follows.

$50 for the initial line line + $30 per additional line for Unlimited Talk and Text with 500 MB of data for each line
Each 2GB of data will cost you an additional $10 or you can get unlimited for $20
So for what I get now on Verizon and pay $160 for I can get on T-Mobile for $100 (2 lines, unlimited talk and text and 2GB on each line)

The above pricing that I have found is NOT what your leaked picture represents. The leaked picture here makes ZERO sense for anyone to make a move to! Why would I take a step back in service and pay the same amount I am now. I dont think this picture is accurate.


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I think I figured it out. This flyer is for the new "Classic Plan" which include a phone in this cost of your monthly plan for like 20 months. The "Value Plan" is what the numbers I posted above are referring to which is when you bring your own phone or pay full retail.
How is the phone pricing handled? Doesn't seem that cheap to me. I pay $150 now with Verizon for 2 smart phones with 4gb shared And get $10 off for one bill. So I pay $140. I'm not a fan of contracts so seeing how T-Mobile handles the price of phones will be key.

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Pricing doesn't look that great, really, especially considering their lousy footprint. Compare those prices with a $650+ retail price on phones vs. a $300 subsidized phone on VZW.
I'm not sure what I think of this yet. I kind of like the idea that all basic phones will come with 500mb of data, but at the same time, if someone buys a flip phone, are they really going to be using that data?? And with smartphones, the data will actually be 2.5gb+, which is kind of cool.
It will be interesting to see how the phone prices change. As a vendor for T-Mobile, I personally hope that these new plans will lower the pre-coupon prices, so our Costco members don't have to pay $26 in tax for a Galaxy S2 because the pre-coupon price is $519.99.
Regardless, these new prices won't help T-Mobile much in my area, since their service can be extremely spotty.

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My contract w/VZW is up come May and T-Mob is a contender for my business if their service/coverage in my area is adequate. Someone needs to shake up the other 2 big service providers...
Like others posted....the network quality..... I dont care how cheap the plans are. If its frustrating using the phone, what good is it?

In my area its Verizon and AT&T tied for the best....then Sprint then T Mo. Traveling... I think Verizon has the edge. All carriers has dead zones....Verizon just seems to have the least.