T-Mobile Offers 2GB Data for Only $5 More on Their $40/Month Simple Starter Plan


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Dec 30, 2010
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Right now, the best deal you can find on T-Mobile is called their Simple Starter plan. It offers unlimited talk and text and 500MB of LTE data for only $40 per month. Its primary distinction is that when you hit your 500MB data limit, you are kicked off their data network until the following month.

This obviously means that folks who are finding themselves to be more than the lightest casual user are getting bumped off fairly often. Luckily, T-Mo decided to offer a new value for these customers. Starting September 3rd, users can keep their Simple Starter plan, but upgrade the LTE data line on it to 2GB per month for only $5 bucks more. This means you can have an unlimited talk, text and 2GB data plan for just $45 bucks per month.

Of course, even with this "upgraded" Simple Starter plan, once you hit your new 2GB limit, you can no longer access the T-Mobile data network until the following monthly billing cycle. Still, for a large majority of users on this plan, it seems unlikely they would use over 4 times more than they were before, making this a tremendous value.

Source: T-Mobile
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