Syncing with Google Reader


Nov 27, 2009
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Anyone else with the LG Revolution having trouble syncing with your Google Reader account? I've already been through every Free RSS reader in the market an none will log into my account and sync with the unread list. The errors I get vary from app to app, but include time out errors and/or errors.

At one time I got the Google reader app to sign in and was able to sync something like 26 blog posts out of the 70+ that were actually there, but once I got through more syncing. It kept giving me connection errors. That's when I reset the phone back to factory and started going through all the other readers to see if the same problem arose. Sure enough, it did. I can't figure it out.
So I guess I am the only one with this problem.

What I also forgot to mention in my OP was that this happens only in 3G. When I am on 4G it all works well. I've tried wifi as well and I can get the unread feed # downloaded, but when scrolling through the feed posts, the 3G data bottleneck kicks in and times out the connection again.
No not I'm not using google reader but I'm having all kinds of issues with google in general. Of wonder whats up with this phone.

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Well I ended up trading in my Revolution on the very last day of my return period and instead got the Thunderbolt. Now I have no problems with the data connections here at home which is a 3G only area. So far (knock on wood) I have no reboot issues with the TB and the battery (for me at least) last just as long as the Revolution's battery did. Now only need to get used to the "new to me" UI on the TB.