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Jul 31, 2010
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When I connect my Droid X to my PC USB port, I get no notification on the phone. Therefore am unable to do any data transfer.


i don't know how it is on the droid x, but on the droid what you do is pull down the notification bar and then it gives you the option to connect the phone to your pc to transfer files.
Did any drivers install? Did you check your computer to see if your phone was mounted, and you just didn't get a notification? Are you able to do anything with adb?

My last suggestion is that you might have a faulty USB port.

EDIT: Didn't think it was necessary, as it is kind of obvious, but did you check the notification bar/window? :p
USB port runs everything else I connect to it. Computer doesn't see the phone. Use same cable to charge phone. Did pull down window shade, but "No notifications" resulted.
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Had a similar situation with my Droid X. I powered down the phone, and restarted it, and then plugged it in, and the computer recognized it etc. Worth a try .... hope it helps ya.
That worked! Thanks.

Are you Mike of Clemson hubcap fame?