Droid unable to connect via usb


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May 18, 2010
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I'm trying to hook up my new droid to my computer via usb for the first time, but am having some issues.

From my understanding, once you connect the usb cable to the droid, a notification occurs which allows you to switch to a usb mode. I get no such notification when connecting the usb cable. Connecting the usb cable does absolutely nothing.

So, I'm a little confused on how to proceed.
Ok, strike all that. Connecting the droid to a usb port directly on my computer (rather than through a usb hub), somehow works fine. A little strange, but I can manage with it.
After you connect the Droid and computer, slide down the notification bar and tap the line that has the USB symbol. This will open a new window, on your Droid, tap MOUNT. This will connect the two. When you are done, close the file on your computer and unmount the phone.

Hope this helps.

Actually, not quite, though I appreciate your quick reply. I was aware of the proper procedure regarding usb connection. However, connecting the device via a usb hub to my computer will not work. There is no usb recognition on either the Droid or my computer. Connecting to a usb slot directly mounted on my computer, however, somehow works fine.

I'm a little baffled by the whole thing, but all in all, it's a minor issue considering I have a viable workaround (id est connect the usb to my comp, not my monitor.)
Yea I had not seen your second post when I sent mine. Not sure what may be preventing you from connecting via a hub. I do not remember reading this in previous posts.

Sorry I can not be more helpful