Swype Dictionary - how to delete/add words?


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Apr 9, 2010
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I have the Droid 2 with built-in Swype. Before this, I owned the Droid 1 and had Swype beta. I believe there was a way to delete and add words to the dictionary on the D1, but can't figure out how to do it on the D2. Anyone?
I don't know how to delete words, but to add them you just finger peck the word in and then hit the spacebar -
OK, I didn't explain this correctly. Adding is, of course, no problem. On D1 Swype Beta, when I mistakenly added a word to the dictionary, I could highlight the error word, press Swype key, delete from dictionary. Now, highlighting - press/press & hold/tap/ tap twice etc. the Swype key brings up either word choice window or tutorial. Where is the delete from dictionary option?
I had the same problem. To delete the word, start with a blank text are and type in the word you want to delete. Then press and hold on the text area to bring up the menu and pick "select all" (which is just the one word).

Then tap the Swype key and it will let you delete it.