Swype help, invalid word in dictionary I can't delete.


Aug 10, 2010
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OK, somehow I got the word 'ertl' in my swype dictionary. Everytime I try to swype 'will' it comes up and says ertl is hiding it and I need to delete it.

I have deleted it about 5 times and it just keeps coming back.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and found a way to correct it?
type the word you are trying to get rid of, select/highlight that word then hit the swpe button... This will give you the option to delete the word from the Swype dictionary
an easy was to do it if u type the word and the quickly double tap it. it will become highlighted then press the swype key
Hi Belome,

I've had the same probem with another word (a client's last name). I think I may have found the solution. Try typing that word and then add a space at the end of it. After that, highlight it and hit the Swype key. For some reason, that space seems to make the difference.

Good luck, Peter