Swing Copters 2 From The Creator Of FlappyBird Incoming!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Do you need another game to ruin your life? We all remember the viral game that was Flappy Bird. It was so addictive that kids were dropping out of college, moms were disowning their kids, and crazed lunatics were out to get the game's creator "Dong Nguyen". The pressure was so intense that Dong decided to put an end to the app that netted him more than $100k per day! For the next several months their were scam listings on Ebay selling app downloads of the game that was freely available all over the web for hundreds of dollars. Pretty soon the game was all but forgotten.

After the dust had settled "Nguyen" released his softmore attempt. Swing Copters never really caught fire the way Flappy Bird did. It was just as difficult. In fact many would argue that it was far more difficult. It was practically impossible to play which is why it just wasn't as popular. The next game by Nguyen will release to the App Store in a few days. "Swing Copters 2" will be just as difficult as its predecessor. The main difference is that the game will feature unlockable characters much like Crossy Road. This game won't be available for Android at first. Hopefully that will come pretty quickly.

via Toucharcade