1. Sajo

    The First Thing That Comes To Mind (Game)

    We had so much fun with the last "first thing that comes to mind game" thread, let's do it again. The rules are simple: * This is a game thread * Post the first thing that comes to mind after reading the previous post * Posts must be 1 to 5 words * Follow all normal forum rules (no spam, no...
  2. B

    Bigfoot, Your Best Way to Increase Performance in Fortnite Mobile

    Do you love Fortnite Mobile and wish to significantly improve your gameplay experience? You might just found your answer. Let us tell you about Bigfoot; an application that will make Fortnite mobile players’ life a lot better and easier. The first main feature is a launcher that it allows...
  3. Dashland

    Dashland | New indie arcade game

    Hello everyone! I would like to share with you my first mobile game as indie developer. It is called “Dashland - Tap and Survive” and is available on the App Store and Google Play Store! The goal of the game is simple: launch the blue dash and avoid the red dashes. It has two modes: •...
  4. DroidModderX

    OnePlus Is Giving Away A OnePlus 5T To Celebrate Their 4 Year Anniversary

    In just 4 years OnePlus has gone from being a startup with no following to being a major competitor in the Android smartphone echo system. This is a company that was founded on giving the community exactly what they want. This started with a phone in the OnePlus One which came stock with...
  5. DroidModderX

    Harry Potter AR Game By PokeMon Go Makers On The Way

    The next ultra viral AR game is on the way. We can all remember when PokeMon Go took the nation by storm. The game was responsible for getting millions of Americans off the couch and into the community. A few things made this game super popular. First of all it tapped in to a nostalgic fan base...
  6. wanderer1479

    Talking Dinosaur

    Although the Jurassic period is a long time gone, one of the creatures has endured all the way until today and is looking for a new buddy. If you are ready to befriend him, and you are not scared, then download the popular Talking Dinosaur game free of charge on your smartphone or tablet. He is...
  7. DroidModderX

    Tomb Raider For Andorid Now Available For $.10

    If you need a bit of nostalgia in your life look no further Tomb Raider is back and now on Android! Square Enix has ported the game from the playstation to your Android device! The game is currently on sale for only $.99 on the Play Store however you can grab it for even cheaper on
  8. DroidModderX

    The Best Looking Sonic Game Ever Was Developed By A Fan!

    Today in cool news a trailer for the release of "Green Hill Paradise - Act 2", a fan made Sonic the hedgehog game, was just uploaded to youtube. The game perfectly merges the 3D versions of the game which were never really received well with the older Sega Genesis versions of the game. You can...
  9. stoony

    [Game] Pandum online open beta

    I've just released a game on the play store and I look for beta testers ans feedbacks. Pandum is a 3D crossplatform free to play MMORPG with arcadified gameplay. The game is born during a game jam for a killscreen/OUYA contest a few years ago and led to the current open beta release. Some...
  10. fightingboss

    greeting and a game

    hi, guys. first time here, i love android phone as well as ios one. they both have their strengths. now let's play a game that if you are the mod, what reason you will ban the members. me first i banbed myself for me illegally start the game
  11. DroidModderX

    FREE VR Game "VR Space: The Last Mission"

    More than likely VR is the next big thing in gaming. Sony is getting ready to release their own VR system for playstation, Oculus has just released their system for PC, and Samsung's Gear VR is really picking up steam. As VR progresses you will more than likely be on the lookout for some...
  12. DroidModderX

    Swing Copters 2 From The Creator Of FlappyBird Incoming!

    Do you need another game to ruin your life? We all remember the viral game that was Flappy Bird. It was so addictive that kids were dropping out of college, moms were disowning their kids, and crazed lunatics were out to get the game's creator "Dong Nguyen". The pressure was so intense that Dong...
  13. DroidModderX

    Star Wars VR Experiences Coming To Google Cardboard!

    The next installment of Star Wars is only a few weeks away. It is time to get hyped! I am one of the guys that wants to hear nothing or see nothing about Star Wars until I see the movie in the theater! I don't want anything spoiling this experience for me. I want to see everything from the...
  14. DroidModderX

    Nintendo's Tomogotchi Like Game Coming To Android

    Nintendo has finally announced their first built for Android game. It will be called Miitomo which means Mii Friends. The game allows you to create and interact with a Mii. It is reminiscent of the old Tomogotchi pocket game which allowed you to create a virtual pet that you were responsible for...