SuperUser problem

hmmm, maybe try re d/l the file. It should work in SPR

Oh, awesome. It worked. SuperUser is working again! Thanks for the help, man. I greatly appreciate it!

Great, what was the issue?

Just a bad D/L?

I guess it was. The only thing I did differently besides redownloading was renaming it before sending to the sdcard. Idk if that really made a differnce, but I don't care - it's fixed! Lol
Ok, I ran into an error when selecting "Install /sdcard/ (deprecated)"

"-- Install from sdcard...
Finding update package...
E:Can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 (or /dev/block/mmcblk0)
(No such file or directory)
E:Can't mount
Installation aborted"

Did you "allow" install 1st

Yep. I pushed THREE times, just to make extra extra sure lol

If you pushed Allow 3 times and then install and it still didn't work i would check the root of your phone and see if the file says or just update. If it says, try removing the .zip file extension so its just update and try it again. And vice-versa if it says udpate and not I had that problem once and that fixed it. :)
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Edit: Not a superuser problem...a one button root problem, they are extremely unreliable!

This is way to funny. I had nearly word for word the same issue with my phone yesterday after the push was loaded on my phone. I couldn't spend a ton of time fixing it but when I saw this post this afternoon I felt like there was some hope to fix the phone. So I followed Tallica's suggestion and went through the instructions to the letter. Now my phone is working again and I am getting ready to recover my backup. Horray. Thanks for the input all.