Sunday Evening Chat: Post Google I/O 2015 edition


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Dec 23, 2009
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Google I/O have come and gone and we have a lot we can talk about. Between the news team we have a barrage of stories in the news section highlighting the Google I/O event. I am going to post a few of my favorite I/O articles below.

  1. Android M features
  2. Android M Changelog
  3. Android M Developer Preview
Nexus and (many) Motorola users should be seeing Android M after it is released to the public while other devices will have to wait for their respective manufacturers and carriers. But if you are wanting a taste now check out some of what @DroidModderX has posted (Clock app and wallpapers).

Those wanting a break from Google I/O talk I want to revisit a talk we have had several times on this forum, which is the idea of an Android/Windows hybrid.

If you are not familiar, a few years ago companies like Asus were developing devices that could boot both android and windows. At the time there were questions about whether the hardware available would lend to a smooth experience but it truly would have been a useful device for the industry. Unfortunately with Microsoft and Google in the midst of a dispute they told manufacturers to shelve the idea.

Here we are 2015 and we are about to see a few companies, mainly China based, put out devices that can dual boot android/windows. One such device is made by a company that @Jeffrey owns a device in Elephone. Despite no major manufacturer willing to upset Google and Microsoft, there are some small no name companies willing to take a stab at it. Unfortunately I fear that the devices they put out may be underpowered and poorly supported. As much as I would love a dual boot device I would hate for it to be stuck on Android 5.0 and Windows 8 for the life of the device. Personally I hope Elephone actually support the device heavily keeping the device up to date and inspire big name companies to put out a solid hybrid device. Are hybrids still something you would be interested in or have we moved past that as an industry?

What were some of your favorite articles and topic of last week?