Official Android M Changelog Posted With Over 50 Changes


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Oct 6, 2011
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On first glance Android M doesn't look entirely new. It includes basically the same material design theme with a change to the stock wallpaper and a change to the app drawer (which actually looks cluttered and much less appealing than the LP app drawer if you ask me). The new update is actually feature rich with lots of new stuff coming to Android M. We discussed some of the top new features yesterday. Below you will find the full list.

  • Android Pay
  • Easy word selection
  • Floating clipboard toolbar
  • Work contacts in personal contexts
  • Hotspot 2.0 R1
  • VPN apps in settings
  • Flex storage
  • Duplex printing
  • App standby
  • Seamless certificate installation for enterprise
  • Undo/redo keyboard shortcuts
  • Do not disturb automatic rules
  • Data usage API for work profiles
  • Material Design support library
  • Bluetooth SAP
  • Voice interaction service
  • USB Type C charging
  • App link verification
  • Battery historian v2BT 4.2
  • Simplified volume controls
  • IMproved bluetooth low energy scanning
  • Doze
  • Text selection actions
  • Improved text hyphenation and justification
  • Improved diagnostics
  • IT admin acceptance of OTAs
  • Google Now on tap
  • Chrome custom tabs
  • Auto backup for apps
  • Unified app settings view
  • UI toolkit
  • Contextual assist framework
  • Enterprise factory reset protection
  • Direct Share
  • Corporate owned single use device support
  • Do not disturb quick setting and repeat caller prioritization
  • Improved trusted face reliability
  • Improved text layout
  • Fingerprint sensor formance support
  • Alphabetic app list with search
  • Unified Google new runtime settings and permissions
  • Work status notification
  • MIDI support 5GHz
  • Portable Wi-Fi hot-spot Bluetooth connectivity for device provisioning
  • Seven additional languages
  • Power improvements in WiFi scanning
  • Data binding support library
  • Beta setup wizard
  • IMAP sign-in
  • Delegated certificate installation
As you can see there is plenty of new stuff here not to mention improved performance and stability!

via PhoneArena