Android M may make an appearance at I/O


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Dec 23, 2009
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Every year we look forward to what Google will reveal via their I/O conference. There is a possibility we could see Android M at I/O as well as more android wear devices.
Milkshake, M&M, Moon pie, whatever M will become I hope it fixes the issues that have plagued lollipop devices.
If you had Google's ear what would you want to see in Android M?

Source: Update Google Be Trollin Yo Android M Will Be Announced At Google I O 2015 According To Conference Schedule
How about Mississippi mud pie?
M & M's
Cool...I wonder what updates will be included Android M.
Malted Milk Balls. LOCK IT!!!

I am guessing even more wearable support and features. One feature I always liked in HTC's Sense UI (and others) is the ability to configure the number of home screens. 3, 5 or 7. That is especially useful if you use a lot of full screen widgets like a calendar widget.
I have heard that Android M will allow users to block app permissions upon installation, Interesting...
I hope M=Maintenance fix.