Sunday Evening Chat: last chat of September 2014


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Dec 23, 2009
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Is it a nexus or not?

The past couple of weeks, particularly this past week, we have been seeing more images of a large Moto device codenamed Shamu. As pointed out in various threads by our news team, the Shamu is a 5.9 inch device that looks identical to the new Moto X. The specs weigh in at 5.9 inch QHD, 3200 mAh battery, 13mp camera, Snapdragon 805, 3 gigs of Ram, and 32 gigs of internal. This beast of a phone is expected to make its way in the form of either the next Google Nexus of the Motorola S. Though various outlets are expecting it to be a Nexus, I argue that the back of the device do not have that standard Nexus look where it is clean and lacking OEM branding. Plus this time last year the Nexus leaks had the nexus backing. What do you think is it a Nexus or no?


To wear or not to wear: We are approaching the next evolution of android wear as we are seeing manufacturers take the next step with wearable tech. As another LG smartwatch on the horizon is expected to have a 3g radio and rival the Samsung gear S as well as the LG Gearwatch R. With android wear in its infancy are you jumping on now or waiting to see where the industry goes?
For those waiting what will it take to make you jump on board?


All about the hype: This past week we got to read about "bendgate" and though Apple is catching flack tech in its early stages have various flaws that make its way to customers. The Nexus 5, which I would argue is by far the best nexus, started out with issues with the speakers as well as dead pixels. Around the third or forth shipment the complaint about those issues dwindled. I ended up returning my Moto 360 after it froze at 33:33. I bring this up to say that as much as we feel like being the first to own a tech is a gift at times it may be a curse. As manufacturers rush to meet opening demands flawed devices tend to make it through the crack. So cut our Apple buddies some slack ;).
With that said what device(s) have you rushed out to buy on opening day that did not live up to the hype?

Let's play a game:
This thread mainly highlights some of the main stories from the previous week as we prepare for the next. So let's see which of you can guess the top story (tech) of next week. Some weeks it will be obvious (ie the eve before the nexus press release) but during the dead periods it will be more of a challenge. So take a shot at guessing this week's top topic.