Sunday Evening Chat: Breaking in the Month of October ....Let's talk Nexus


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Dec 23, 2009
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First, shout out to Mr. @jspradling7 as this week was filled with Droid Turbo news as well as more leaks and talk about the Moto Nexus.

As we near closer to the announcement by Google more leaks are coming out about the Nexus 6. Shamu, as it is codenamed, is a 5.9 inch Motorola phablet that is expected to be Google's next nexus. Within the next few week we are expecting the Nexus 6 and HTC Nexus 9 to be announced together as well as the official release of Android L, who many are guessing will be called "lollipop". The pulse of the community about the Nexus 6 is mixed with some feeling like it is too big and others liking the size. For me if Motorola is able to go very little bezel and keep the overall size comparable to the Note 3, 5.9 inch will not feel so large. With that said, I think Google could benefit if they were to release an updated Nexus 5 with a slightly larger screen (5.2 vs 4.95), slightly better camera, and a larger battery. Unfortunately because Google normally sell the nexus at half the price of other high end devices it may be counterproductive to keep a lot of inventory on hand. Because of that I do not see Google releasing more than two devices unless they are sure they will at least break even. With all the devices out it is hard to see two nexus phones making enough in sells even if they are able to sell it on Verizon. And with the Note 4, iPhone 6 & 6plus, (new) Moto X, and Droid Turbo to go with the already released HTC M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 there are not enough numbers that Google can pencil in that they can count on supporting more than one nexus release a year. The only way I can see Google being able to garner those type of sells would be if they mirror Samsung and release a smaller (galaxy S like) device in the spring and a larger phablet device in the fall.

Do you think Google should look at releasing more devices (staggered spring and fall)?

If Google were to offer devices that were more premium in specs (ie better camera, build, more memory) would you be willing to pay more?

For you Verizon guys, if Moto releases the Droid Turbo and Nexus 6 (shamu) to go with the new Moto X which device would you buy (and why)?

With Project Ara still in work I would like to see Google turn the Nexus device(s) into a Frankenstein like device, where they take the best of what the Android manufacturers do and combine it to create a "super phone (i.e Samsung's camera, Motorola's premium build and radios, Lg design language, and HTC boom speakers). If you could combine the resources from the different android manufacturers who would you have contribute what to your phone/phablet/tablet?

Lastly, take a shot at guessing the hot android/tech news topic for next week.


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Jan 16, 2012
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Man.. If the nexus 6 and Droid turbo get released on vzw... Man oh man.. It's gonna be tuff to decide..

AT&T customers will likely have this problem... I've heard that the Droid turbo is set to be released on AT&T under a different name.. And they'll get the nexus as well.. We'll see if this holds true though..


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May 22, 2010
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If the nexus 6 comes to vzw I will buy it. I have a gut feeling that it will based on the fact that vzw has had at least a temporary exclusive on the US launch devices for every whole number version of android since 2.0. I think the droid turbo will be a stellar phone, but my droid maxx does great still and I would only upgrade to the nexus 6 for the unlocked boot loader and the support of the modding community that follows every nexus.


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Aug 21, 2010
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I just ordered a 32g Moto X on Saturday, but I'm ready to pull the trigger on the Nexus if it does happen to come to Verizon. I can pass the X down to my kid or keep it as a spare. :)