Sunday Evening Chat: Dawn of .....


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Dec 23, 2009
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Dawn of the NFL Preseason: We are literally a week away from the kickoff of the NFL Preseason as training camp is underway. With story lines such as Jonny Manziel being a distraction, the NFL going easy on Ray Rice, and other stories about all 32 teams preparing for the season, Summer is quickly making way for Fall. So get ready for 4 weeks of 3rd and 4th stringers playing games that means nothing to us but everything to them.

Dawn of Marvel v DC: As I talked about in another news story both Marvel and DC provided a teaser for those who were at San Diego Comic Con for their most anticipated major blockbusters. Over the next few weeks and months leading up to those big budget blockbusters we will see more trailers and will get a chance to see if DC can compete with Marvel's Cinematic Universe which is rolling full speed ahead.

Dawn of the next Nexus: Fall is approaching and with it brings that chill of the night, football, and the release of the fall line up of tech. For Nexus fans we will get a chance to see the next reference device. Over on Android Police there is a story about a Motorola Nexus in the works. As we wait to find out what is true and what isn't allow me to take the time to speak to hopefully someone who works for Google. If you really want to hype up the fans bring together two titans, and I am not talking about Superman and Batman,and give us a Moto Maker Nexus. Do that and you can just sit back and watch as you guys make money hand over fist.

Dawn of something new: We appreciate all the effort you guys provide in making this forum a better place. Some of you provide tech support, some take the time to welcome new members, and some of you provide tips and information and we thank you for it. To those of you with a little journalistic ability we encourage you to continue to post your content here at the News Depot . Those that provide solid content that is grammatically sound, the image centered at the top with content underneath and sources cited correctly could see their piece featured on the front page. So if you have an art for writing take advantage of our News Depot and share your passion, you never know you may just one day catch the eye of one of our staff members and your story could be posted on the front page.


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Nov 9, 2011
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"Dawn of the Next Nexus" !!! That sounds like a great thriller and one that I would pay to see. I have been patiently waiting to see what Motorola will bring out next and your idea of a Moto Maker Nexus has me stoked. I am ready to move on from the GNex, even though it has been fun throwing roms on it. I was one of the lucky ones with a day one VZW GNex that has not had problems and the devs have kept it alive. Hat tip to all the devs, no matter the device!

Whether the "X+1" or if perchance, a Moto Nexus, it will be like entering a different Galaxy!


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Apr 7, 2012
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As a Houston fan I was scared to death that we would take Manzy. I was so happy we didn't. Our new coach this seems to be an awesome guy that knows exactly what he's doing. Go Texans!


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Dec 29, 2009
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a) It is way too early for football!

b) Not sure about everyone else, but I am kind of burned out on the comic book movies. All of the reboots, and cross stories, etc. AHHHHH