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Dec 23, 2009
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Good Sunday evening (Monday morning for those who read this then) the weekend is almost over as many of us begin to prepare for the long week ahead of us. Some of the headlines that will be the highlight of the upcoming week will be Lg G Watch R, more information about upcoming devices like the Moto X+1 and the Note 4, Sam Bradford being out for the season, and Brian Hoyer struggling to outright win the qb battle in Cleveland, and much more.

Let's start with the news that broke earlier today that LG will be revealing a round version of the Lg G watch. LG in a short video poked fun of the moto 360 while giving viewers a quick look at what they will be revealing at IFA 2014. Hopefully LG take it beyond just making the screen round and add wireless charging, a screen that can be seen in sunlight, and battery life that will rival the rumored 2 days on the moto 360. What will it take to get you into buying an android wearable smart watch or are you wanting to see what Apple releases?

As we continue to get closer to Motorola's big reveal more and more leaks pop up on the web. We already seen what we expect to be the moto X+1 as well as a glimpse of future Droid-line devices expected to make it's way to Verizon. For those of us excited about the potential of finally getting a moto nexus we continue to ride the wave of conflicting news which we expect to clear up as we get closer to its release. Which moto device are you most looking forward to?


It's that time of year again, we are approaching the Autumn season and Samsung is preparing to release the most popular phablet brand in the industry with the Galaxy Note line. The Galaxy Note 4 is an update to the note 3 with a (rumored) 5.7 inch screen, 2.5 Ghz quad core processor, 3 GB or ram, and loaded with (bloat) Samsung features. Note 2 users are about due for an update, those with the note 2 are you planning on upgrading to the note 4?


The goals for nfl teams in the preaseason are to get quality reps for the starters and backups, shape the 53 man roster, and go into the regular season healthy. Well Saturday night's game between the Rams and the Browns seem to fail in a couple of those areas. Sam Bradford left the game with a season ending ACL tear as St. Louis now prepares to start the season with backup Shaun Hill. On the other side of the sideline veteran Brian Hoyer had the task of going in and playing a good enough game where the coaches could clearly point to why he should be starting over Johnny Football, unfortunately he failed to do that and quite frankly put up similar numbers to the rookie. For those who may not be familiar with the situation in Cleveland, Brian Hoyer was the quarterback getting his work in and staying out of trouble during the off season while Johnny Manziel was constantly in the news for partying. Here we are two weeks out from the regular season and the coaches still do not have a clear cut started at quarterback, which is unfortunate for Hoyer because when he do start the regular season as the starter he will be constantly looking over his shoulder unless he can lead his team to the playoffs. What is your over and under for when Brian Hoyer gets benched for Johnny Manziel?


If at the beginning of the year someone would have told you a movie involving a talking tree and a talking raccoon would be the biggest movie of the summer over Amazing Spiderman 2, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, X-men Days of Future Past, Godzilla, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Expendables 3 how many of you would have honestly believed them because Marvel didn't. Guardians of the Galaxy reclaimed the #1 spot at the box office bringing in 251 million dollars total just passing Transformers 4 (244 million) and is clearly the surprise film of the year further adding to Marvel's dominance over the Comic book movie genre. A non spoiler review was covered on this forum as Marvel did an awesome job bridging the gap between generations in this movie. Of the summer movies released this year what was your favorite, least favorite, and most disappointing?

This weekends top 5 box office results:

  1. The Guardians of the Galaxy grossing 17.6 million this weekend and 251.8 million dollars total
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles grossing 16.8 million this weekend and 145.6 million dollars total
  3. If I stay opening at 16.355 million
  4. Let's Be Cops grossing 11 million weekend 45.2 million total
  5. When the Game Stands Tall opening at 9 million