Sunday Evening Chat: Labor Day


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Dec 23, 2009
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Ah, awesome weekend as we enjoyed the first week of college football, last week of preseason NFL football, and preparing for IFA 2014.


In college football the only upset (based on rankings) was 21st rank Texas A&M beating 9th rank South Carolina 52-28. Other than that the rest of the major games went as expected with the teams expected to win beating up on their weaker opponents despite some of the underdogs providing a fight early on. In the NFL, teams played their last preseason game this weekend as they have to cut down their rosters from 75 to 53 and prepare the team for next week's season opener. Over 700 players will be told between today and tomorrow that their dreams of playing in the NFL may not happen this year.

The IFA conference will kick off Friday in Berlin as we expect a number of manufacturers to show off their fall line up of devices. Devices we expect to be debuted are the Note 4, New LG smart watch, Asus's smart watch, and more. Our outstanding news crew will keep you up to date with the latest from IFA 2014 so stay tuned.


With tomorrow being the day we celebrate laborers we want to salute all who are out there working hard and keeping this country running. I especially want to send a special shout out to small businesses out there. Many started with a dream and are working hard living out that dream. So if you own a small business share with us what you do, what motivated you to do it, and information about your business.
I took Labor Day of this year. My labor consisted of lifting a hamburger into my fat mouth. That said, bring on the regular season. ESPN has Denver going 13-3 and winning the SB.

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Very happily surprised with Hill and A&M. What a shot to his pride to find out it was the system and the players around him that made "Johnny Football" look so good. I hope Hill smashes Johnny's numbers all season. : )

The Texans picked up Mallett too. That has the potential to be a fantastic move.

I just haven't been interested in the smart watches. Maybe if I try one I'll get interested, we'll see.