Sunday Evening Chat: NFL Football is back


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Dec 23, 2009
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NFL is back, football fans and fantasy owners everywhere are crowded around tvs at bars and homes all over the country to catch opening Sunday in the NFL. A lot of tight games, comebacks, and flags but glad to see the NFL back.


This week we finally got an official look at the Moto 360, new Moto X, Moto G2, Note 4, and new Note edge, as well as news that Verizon will not be getting a developer edition Moto X (as posted by DMX here: With all the news and specs made official what devices impressed and disappointed you most?


I want to close out today's article by giving kudos to Google. Twice I have ran into some minor issues with google wallet whether it be me sending money to the wrong email or a company continuing to try and run my card, despite me canceling my subscription, and both times I had to call Google on a Sunday morning to get the issue fixed and both times they were awesome in handling the issues. So far Google's customer service has been top notch for me whether I am dealing with apps, media from the play store, devices, or wallet. I doubt Google keeps track of this forum but here is a kudos to you guys and please continue with the customer service. Customer service is the determining factor whether I continue to do business with a company or not, and right now I will continue to do business with Google (pay attention Comcast).
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Jul 18, 2010
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I love my Google Wallet card. I used that and only that when we drove to NY from TX. Glad I did because one of the gas stations I stopped at along the way stole that number and tried to charge the card for $400, Google declined it and I got an immediate email.

At that point I was able to lock the card from my phone and order a new one. Really useful.