Possible Aquaman cast for DC movie Universe.


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Dec 23, 2009
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It is no secret that ever since Marvel made a boat load of money on their Avengers movie that DC have been scrambling to try and capture some of that same lightning. It looks like they may have found their Aquaman who Hitfix (via Batman-news http://batman-news.com/2014/06/14/jason-momoa-is-aquaman-in-batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice/) have reported as being played by Jason Momoa. Jason Momoa has been rumored in a few roles including at one time thought to be playing the Dark Knight. We will have to wait until officially announced by WB before we can dub this as official.
So how do you feel about the direction DC has been going with their franchise.
Personally I feel like the Batman v Superman movie might as well be called the Justice League movie as they already have Victor Stone (Cyborg), Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and now Aquaman set to appear in the movie.



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Awh-man!!! That guy ruined it for me when took the Conan the Barbarian role. Now he is gonna be one of my favorite hero's. This is almost as bad as finding out that Ben Affleck is the next Batman... ;)
LOL! That's hilarious DMX! I get the reference...
I thought maybe Aquaman was a joke when I saw it on Big Bang Theory....rides a seahorse?!? c'mon - does he vanquish his enemies with laughter?