Ben Affleck's Batman Movie confirmed by WB CEO


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Dec 23, 2009
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Batman V Superman was met with a lot of mixed reviews. And even among those that liked it they had to admit it was not the movie they was hoping for. The one shining spot about BvS is Affleck's portrayal of Batman. WB is looking to build some momentum on what many has been begging to see, Batman written and directed by Affleck.

Source: Warner Bros. CEO confirms Ben Affleck Batman movie
As much of a fan I am of Batman, WB needs to get Superman and their other characters right. What Marvel has done well with was taking characters that were not known by the average person and made it a household name. Marvel took their time to build their characters through solo movies that later paid off in an Avengers movie. At this point Marvel can put out a movie about flushing a turd and they will fill up a theater. And that is because they have built up a reputation of making good movies whether it be about Iron Man, Thor, or a talking raccoon and a talking tree. Yeah there have been some movies they put out that was meh (ie Iron Man 3) but they have done so well connecting their movies that you want to see the movies just so not to miss anything. And early reviews from Civil Wars is pointing to this trend continuing.

I am looking forward to Batman, but if all people are looking forward to seeing on screen is batman then this cinematic universe is doomed.
I agree. Though I'd be more interested in the JL movies if there was a great Batman movie preceeding it, it'd still sour the whole universe for me if the JL doesn't live up to what I think Affleck could do with a standalone Batman movie.
Is Superman rubbing Batman's chest?
Is Superman rubbing Batman's chest?


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There were a lot more chest rubbing than fighting, think that may be why the movie critically bombed.

Movie was Batman v Superman, the audience went there expecting Batman and Superman to fight, at least I did.
Same here. Even though I knew there was going to be set up and exposition at the beginning and had already read that they crammed a lot into it, I expected more fighting between the two, if nothing else, simply because of the name of the movie.
Haven't seen it. Doubt I will.
Maybe if Ben Affleck played both parts?

Batman v Superman v daredevil

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