Sudden battery improvement?

Today was really light usage. Til I got home.

-Bionic 6.7.246 via HoB
bbtkd said:
I was thinking so but now am favoring GSam Battery Monitor (pro or free). Has many of the same features of BetterBatteryStats, but seems easier to use. Really either one should be able to help you track down the issue.

I downloaded GSam and now I've got another question. When I checked out the apps that are draining the battery the top thing listed was "kernel" and when I opened that up it said fancy Widgets on the top line. Fancy Widgets was on the list as well but it only shows 1% where kernel is showing 36%. I'm not quite sure what kernel is referencing but id like to fix that if anyone has any suggestions. If it means I have to get rid of FW then I will but I've really liked that app for a clock.
So far this morning i've had the phone off the charger for 1 hour and 20 minutes and I haven't used it at all and the battery is down to 93% and under App Usage its shows that 62.5% of the battery was consumed by kernl. I don't see how this can be normal. I used to get a full days worth of moderate to heavy usage with no prolem at all and now I'm needing to charge my battery before I go home from work just to have enough to last the rest of the evening. Is it possible something just didn't sit right when I loaded up .247 and I possibly need to re-install using HOB?