Strange Date and time on SMS after restore


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Oct 8, 2010
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Central Alabama
I hope I posted this in the correct section. I searched and found nothing.

I have a DroidX with version 2.3.4 software. My problem is started last week, my sms texts started showing December 31, 1969 on several texts. Texts from Verizon support could not be deleted. Support could not figure it out. The strange dates occurred using the stock messenger, GoSMS and Handcent.

I did a complete data, cache, factory restart using the home&power and selecting those items. I did not add any other progrmas other than what installed stock.

I then restored from two different backups done with MYBackupPro. Each one from a different month. On each restore, "every" text then showed the current date and time that the restore was done. So every text message basically had the same date and time stamped. Still unable to delete some messages, some would delete the contents when attempted, but the message thread remained there empty with the current date and time stamped to it.

Support sent me a new phone since that one would not take an update they tried to send, or a PRL update.

While waiting for the new phone to arrive, I continued trouble shooting. I tried one program that was supposed to remove all texts and it didn't work. I then tried another that when it listed the texts to delete, the texts actually showed the correct dates that they were supposed to be stamped with.

I deleted all texts, then did a restore again. Same problem in stock, GoSMS, and Handcent. All times displayed were the times of the restore.

Then I happened to try an SMS called Zlango and it displays all the restored messages with no problem, showing the correct date and times they are supposed to have. Stock, GoSMS,Handcent still show the wrong date/time stamp.

The new phone arrived with the same results. Nothing but Zlango will show the proper date/time stamps from the restored sms backups. I thought it might be MyBackupPro, but Zlango reads them correctly while 3 other programs do not.

Has anyone run across this before? I can use Handcent, stock, and GoSMS, and time and date are stamped correctly. However if I do a backup, and then restore, the three text programs show the date and time of the restore stamped on every text.

Any help appreciated.