Special Call Needs to be made to Activate Your Phone - After SBFing


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Mar 9, 2010
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I had CM7 installed, flashed a themed app zip, started to bootloop. So I booted in to the stock recovery and did a wipe. Booted up and boot looped, so I SBFed back to stock using the 229 SBF. So now I get the usual activation screen. I press 1 as usual to activate and yet it says my phone cant be activated and a special call needs to be made. So I tried to wipe, flash the 330 SBF and try again. Same problem. I have done plenty of activations before and cant understand why this one is different. I see alot of references to the question when I search, but never found a definitive solution other then calling verizion. I guess that is what I will have to do but just wondered if some one knew exactly what causes this error?

EDIT: It worked, I actually googled some more and finally found an answer. Seems that vzw likes to take the activation system offline during the early morning hours(here it was 1:30-2AM GMT-6). It activated now though!
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