Soon to have a droid X

I upgraded from the envy 2 so I know what you mean. Service will depend on your location. I am in the Twin cities in Minnesota and get great service. As long as your pulling 3g, your doing great. Only minor delay compared to my wifi at home which is g so 54Mb.

very informative, i dont plan on paying the extra $20 a month for wifi hotspot tethering. With that said is wired tethering to a local laptop possible? If not this wireless tether that 2.2 has built in, does it have ability to connect to at-least one device? I don't have much need for the "hotspot" feature. :icon_rolleyes:

I downloaded EasyTether from the great.

I also tried the paid Verizon Hotspot and it (besides being limited) had issues connecting with my home machines, but connected right up with my work laptop.