Droid X Stock UI?


Aug 19, 2010
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Forgive me if this has already been asked on another post but, is it possible to get Droid X to Stock Android UI without loss of functionality in some apps? (Basically original droid software on Droid X)
Motoblur isn't really working for me, and when updates stop for blur on Droid X (believe me, it'll happen soon) I want to run a software on my DX that will get updates quickly with (hopefully) plain old android.

It'll probably take root to do this, but any suggestions on how this is done?
download a new launcher to put motoblur to the side. i recommend launcher pro from the market
Nah, I've already done that. I want REAL stock android on here.
Team DeFuse has Vanilla Android ROM's for the DX and the D2 - it is as close as you are going to get

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Hmm... yeah, in a couple of months when the updates stop rolling out for DX I'll see then... I really just want a sure fire way to get all next android updates and it sounds like Moto might give up on us, eh?

One other thing, I heard Gingerbread is looking to eliminate custom skins from phones devs, does that mean EVO and DX might not get updates to 2.3?

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