Soon to be droid owner.


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Jun 30, 2010
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I just ordered myself a droid. It should arrive on the 1st and I am giddy with excitement. I had a smart phone before and didn't like it all that much. Seeing as the droid is able to use apps I think I am in love already. I plan on rooting it (i call it modding) soon as it gets here. I have experience with changing firmwares on other forms of electronics. Mostly the Wii and Xbox 360. I have dabbled in the DS and PSP. This will be my first phone that I am going to have the privilege of modifying in some way. If anyone know of some great reads on this site that could get me on my way I would be very appreciative. Anyways great site. Been lurkin for days and decided to join. Hope I learn a lot here.

C Ville
:welcome: to the Droid Forums. Sounds like you can spend a little time in our hacking area, reading the stickies and getting to know a bit more about the Droid.

Glad to have you here, if you need anything let us know.:)