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Feb 16, 2010
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Illinois, USA
New Droid Owner

I am porting my number from Sprint to Verizon. I am adding it to another Verizon phone's plan by changing to Family Plan. I know very little about Smart Phones, but I will try to find out how to use it to its full potential.

I am going to be pulling the trigger on a Droid from It seems like a cool new toy.

Wirefly's Price: $149.99
Activation Price: $0.00
Device Protection Service: $49.99

Is Device Protection Service, by NCOA better than the one offered by Verizon?

What are the Cons on getting a phone from vs Verizon?

I am used to Yahoo Instant Messenger and text messaging on my PPC-6700. Is there a way to text message in real time on a Droid without using Verizon's text messaging? I had to always hit refresh in Yahoo Instant Messenger on my PPC-6700 and that was a major pain.

Is there anything else I should know, before I boldly go where all of you already are?
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holy :shocked: ummmm welcome? i'm not sure if this is our problem or if you did all that on it my computer or is there uot;35" class="inlineimg" / crap all through your post? Either way....:welcome: lol
Welcome Soren!!! Yeah I see all that too Corina......not sure what all that is lol.....I think it may be something to do with their computer....
Welcome to the forum. I'm sure one of our highly trained interpreters will figure out that opening post eventually. In the meantime let us know if you need anything. Simple English will suffice we don't need it in code.:) And we will be happy to help.:D
I do not know how all that "code" got in there. I switched skins and then went back to edit the post. Sorry. I edited it out. Thanks for the welcomes.