Soon to be new Droid owner


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Mar 28, 2010
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SE Alabama
My Droid will be here tomorrow and I can't wait. I ordered through Amazon Wireless and saved $130, but it has taken a few more days to get here than if I ordered from Verizon. That's more money I can spend on accessories and apps I guess.

My current phone is a crapberry. This was my first smartphone, but it is not all that smart. I've never used very many apps as it is just not user friendly. I also just love to have the newest technology. I've always wanted an Iphone, but love Verizon's service in my area, not to mention all my friends and family have Verizon.

Anyway, I can't wait to get my Droid. Since I ordered it I've been reading everything I can about it. I'm afraid I will be lost, but this site is awesome and I'm sure I will get all the help I need here.

BTW, I'm from SE Alabama.
Welcome! You may want to go the bed early tonight because once you get your hands on you're new Droid you will not want to let go or do anything but play with the phone:)

I know I will be antsy all day at work tomorrow. Luckily I get off at 3 and maybe it will be waiting for me when I get home. I've already told my family not to bother me all night that I will be spending time with my Droid. :icon_ banana:
Geez, it sounds like you are already addicted! Took me a few days:)

Now my wife just looks at me like I have three heads and asks "what are you trying now"