Sony Ericsson will Unlock Bootloaders for Several New Xperia Phones in 2011


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Dec 30, 2010
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It looks like today is a great day to be an Android fan. Earlier we found out that HTC was giving us the source code to the TBolt, and now, Sony Ericsson hit us with the news that they will be offering unlocked bootloaders for several of their new Xperia line of Android smartphones this year. The phones they mentioned specifically are Xperia Arc, Play, Neo, and Pro.

There will be quite a few restrictions on some of their devices. One example they noted was that devices locked to a specific carrier will not come with an unlocked bootloader. There are some other restrictions that they haven't fully disclosed yet. This probably means that the only unlocked devices will be unsubsidized and carrier-free, and they will be full price. Although that will be more expensive, it makes sense that they would do it that way. It's still nice to see a manufacturer actually listening to their customers.

Source: via AndroidPolice and Sony Ericsson
"One example they noted was that devices locked to a specific carrier will not come with an unlocked bootloader."

Noone will pay attention to this important line... They will continue to just bash Motorola for being smart enough to implement this for Verizon faster than everyone else...
Very nice. 2011 is the year Sony Ericsson turns itself around.

I noticed they said was "carrier-locked" phones wont have an unlocked boot loader. That's understandable - you have to make compromises. I always felt that they should make devices that have unlocked boot loaders for developers at least. I hope Motorola and others doe this as well.
It is a bummer that they won't be unlocking the bootloaders for specific carriers but at least they are giving people the option to buy the hardware and use it however they want. I'm glad to see that the big companies are at least noticing that there is demand out there for open phones and making some concessions to the rooting/modding community. Now if enough people speak with their $ and pay to get these unlocked phones it may lead to more handsets with unlocked bootloaders. I don't know if I can take the hit to get an unsubsidized phone but if I can afford it I would love to be the proud owner of an unlocked Xperia Play.
Heres to hoping one of those have a hardware keyboard.... If so I know what im saving up for next.
So this is GSM only then because nobody sells carrier unlocked cdma, VZW/sprint, phones for US carriers...
Should still work no? Also they might be the first.... doesn't say anywhere that it is cdma/gsm.

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