Sony Ericsson Android Bootloader Unlocking Website Goes Live


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Dec 30, 2010
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In a smooth move by Sony Ericsson to 'go against the grain' and support modders better, their Android Bootloader Unlocking website just went live. Users with unbranded Xperia devices from 2011 and onwards like the Xperia Play, Arc, Neo, and Pro, can try out custom ROM's and mods easily and with some help from Sony Ericsson themselves. The only thing you will need is your phone's IMEI number, which gives you annlocking key to go with the Android SDK's fastboot program. The instructions are more detailed at the site link below. They do give the standard 'shpeel' that you could potentially brick your phone, so be cautious as always. For now, let's give a shout out to Sony Ericsson for supporting the Android community. Now, if we can only get them to release some even more exciting phones...

Thanks to my tipster, Tio Gardi!

Sony Ericsson Xperia Modder Unlock Bootloader Site
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Very smart way to capture a certain dev/mod motivated consumer.
Really cool of them to at least try this approach!! Hopefully it will catch on.
i know what phone i will be picking up of theirs

edit : why doesnt moto or verizon do this lock a phones imei number into a database then fraud could be avoided
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They also mention that this is for non sim locked phones. Does Verizon fall under that category? If so, :(
Wow, so Sony sues the crap out of kids across the country for playing with the PS3's, but they're part of this? I'm all for free access and the development of cool stuff for the Android platform, I just had to say I find this a little weird...
Yea, as much as I want an open handset, Im not sure Im prepared to support the monster that is Sony.

Decisions, decisions...
"Yes, I'd like to exchange my phone within it's warranty period for having an issue."
"Well it says here that you voided your warranty by unlocking your bootloader at one point"
"Damn you Sony!"
Sorry...I have to be "that guy" OP...only because I have seen this word too often being used here on DF...

"Shpeel" is not a word...other than for people who do not know how to spell "Spiel"...or choose to think it is cooler...

Urban Dictionary lists "spheel", and not surprisingly, it has the basic connotation/definition as the Websters Dictionary for "spiel"...

Flame on people...:)
And to Sony Ericsson...please forward your design model to Motorola, with 3rd grader level instructions on how to implement it...they need it bad.
Sony-Ericsson is a completely different business entity than Sony Computer Entertainment America. I guarantee Sony-Ericsson could care less what SCEA's policy on hacking the PS3 is. Different products, different business models, different strategies.

That said, thank you Sony-Ericsson, for setting an example.
I like it! This phone will definitely be my next phone. I'm sure the modding community will move to this phone as well...
Great news! Now for the real question... what phones are available from the that don't suck?
kinda newbie question but is it possible to use this for other branded phones?..i know i know stupid question
This only helps those that buy gsm models directly from SE because any CDMA or GSM from a US carrier will be branded and thus not unlockable. So while this is great news for those outside the US, or those buying directly from SE and popping in their own SIM, for the rest of us we are still locked out of the phones we pay for.