Something strange happens with Better Cut & Navigation!!!


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Nov 26, 2010
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Something strange happens when I use Better Cut to change the icon on Navigation! Even though I pick the right application which is Navigation, it opens up as Map, not Navigation.

As you all know, when you install Google map on your Android Phone, you actually get 2 apps. Map and navigation. When I use Better Cut to set up the Navigation app on home including changing the icon to the one from the gallery, it sets up the icon with no problem but when I open the Navigation app from the home screen, it opens up map. NOT Navigation. Its really strange. I go back to the app drawer and open Navigation app, it opens Navigation just fine. Only on home screen it opens Map. I tried everything including uninstalling Better Cut and reinstalling it. I did the same with Map but the problem is still there.

Anyone else experience this? I hope I made this clear enough.
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