So far happy with my incredible choice


Dec 12, 2010
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I am new to Android got a good deal in a 1 year upgrade so I got an incredible.

So far my biggest issue has been with battery life so I am looking into picking up a second battery.

Also I am strongly considering replacing my ipod but when I synced my music it took all but 2 gigs if my phone storage. I couldn't get double twist to work so I have just been using HTCs music player.

Any suggestions?

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Hi -- I am new to Incredible (and android) too.

Just my two cents but... I considered moving to using my Incredible as a music player but given the bad battery life, I'm sticking with my iPod. Playing music on the phone will just drain the battery even faster.

However, I hear that people who install the larger extended battery (with the bigger back plate) get battery life that could support using it as a music player too.

You're right.. there is certainly enough memory on it but it's the battery issue that keeps me on my iPod.