sms message confused?


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Dec 28, 2009
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I'm still new to my droid and haven't figured out everything so, I'm hoping someone could help me.

I got a popup on my droid desktop saying I had a new sms message and it had the different things to choose from like open, etc. I'm guessing that it was a picture message text that was sent to me. I pressed open and it went straight to a text message thread I've already been texting and stuff to back and forth. But, there was no photo at all. I checked all of my other text threads from other people and nothing. It seems like whatever this sms message or pic. message was just vanished and I can't find it. Any help to why this happened, haha?

Thanks for the help.
What app are you using? The Defaut Text Messaging App? Handcent? Other?
Sounds like the Stock App