SMS App Constantly Crashes


Nov 11, 2009
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My SMS app constantly crashes on my several times a day. I have some apps installed, but nothing that mods the system or anything.

Is anybody else having this problem? I'm contemplating doing a hard reset, but if its a common issue, I'd rather not because its a PITA.
is it the default sms app or one you've downloaded from the market? market apps crash left and right, it's really hard to find stable ones.

i noticed i was hitting the "back" button a lot with my left hand in the beginning and thinking it was crashing. user errors ftl :\
No it's the default app. I know it's actually crashing because the phone will totally freeze. I can either hold the power button down to turn it off, or if I wait a good 45 secs I will get the "Non Responsive App" message, and can kill it.
I noticed after installing downloaded applications my phone started crashing. I reset the phone back to factory settings and it works great now.
never realized there was a non-responsive app popup. i haven't seen this type of behavior with the SMS app. a hard reset might clear up all the problems you're seeing.

I just moved to Handcent which makes using SMS on the phone SOO much better. maybe using that might also help. it's free.

but also keep in mind that even though you're using the default app, some other app you install could alter the functionality and cause issues. since the Droid and Android 2.0 is so now, a lot of apps haven't been updated yet. Not saying that's your issue - just wanted to throw that in there.