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Jan 24, 2011
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I am thinking about making the leap to a smart phone on Verizon. After doing a lot of research, I still feel a bit over my head. Therefore, I was hoping some people could give me some suggestions.

First, what I'm looking for: basically a phone that is good for email (including work email) and internet browsing, and that is generally fun, with decent battery life. I like to customize my gadgets, so I'm inclined to get an Android phone, but which one?

And Should I wait for 4G phones to be released? I know the network might not be all powerful now, but I would have it for the next 2 years.

Droid X is too big for me. I was hoping to find a phone that is similar in size to the Iphone. I considered getting the Iphone 4, because it is supposed to just "work," but i've heard it's not very customizable, and that dealing with itunes etc. is just a pain (although I heard jailbreaking solves these problems). However, it is supposed to have better battery life than most Droids. But again, even if I decided Iphone, should I wait for iPhone 5?

Narrowed in on the HTC Incredible until I heard the battery doesn't last for a day. I also considered the Droid Pro for the keyboard, but the screen seems so small.

So, in short, does anyone have any recommendations or thoughts on whether I should wait for newer phones (e.g. Bionic or Thunderbolt) to be released. I hate always being in a place where I need to keep waiting and waiting for something new to come out!

Any and all info would be greatly appreciated!

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Most people think the Droid X is too big, but go and handle one, preferably without the unyieldy tether that the stores attach to the demo units. The X is a little bit big, but it is also pretty thin, so it doesn't feel very big, especially if it isn't in a case.

The X is the best current Verizon smartphone, IMO currently available.
Yes, you should wait for iPhone 5 because it will have lots of outstanding new features on it with high resolution graphics. If you want smart phones similar to the iPhone, then the options are Nokia 5800, Nokia N8, Nexus One and BlackBerry Bold 9700 are really good.
I wouldn't buy an iphone. Get a droid 1. Root it and have fun!!

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I'd get a d2g, but I'm a little bias haha

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Get the droid 2 its awesome!

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Data plans will prolly be more expensive on the new 4g phones. Motorola locks their phones down so you cannot unlock/root them. Motorolas also have bad cameras. I would say get the incredible. The droid 1 is the only truely unlockable motorola product, but it has dated hardware.

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A friend has the Incredible and he loves it...another has the X and he loves it...I have the D2 and guess what... I love it. concensus,everybodys different. I like the fact theat the D2 has the keyboard. I chose to root mine but thats me. Your best bet is to go look at them all. See how they fit. At this point in time they pretty much all do the same. As for waiting for the iPhone 5 or for 4G well first chose between iPhone and Droid then go from there. I have friends with iPhones....I'll stick to my Droid.
I would have to say the Droid 2 is what you're looking for. The screen is smaller than on the Droid X, however it is slightly thicker. You mentioned that you liked the Pro for it's keyboard, and the 2 has a full slide-out QWERTY. The Bionic is basically going to be the X on steroids, and the Thunderbolt isn't anything special.

Hope this helps! :)
Thanks for all of the comments, they have been most useful.

It was news to me that 4G would be more expensive. In that case, I am just fine with 3G.

I hadn't considered the Droid 2, but now I think that might be the way to go. If it only it were possible to try out two phones for a week and compare them.

And just because I'm curious: is there any upgrade to the Droid 2 on the way?

Thanks again!
The Droid 2 global is kinda an update to the Droid 2, its got a faster processor and global capabilities. But if you really want to wait, the Droid 3 and Droid X2 are supposedly coming out this year. But that's just rumors and speculation right now

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I was just cracking up at this: Droid 3 - Fortune Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine It looks like an htc phone... Droid 3. Haha. Im sure a smaller 4g phone will come out but unforunetly time will only tell. Bionic and thunderbolt might be your only choice if you go 4g but honestly id wait anyway. At the moment anything your buying is going to be outdated. (i know this is the case for all electronics, but expecially the case at the moment.) Becuase Motorola X has been out for some time, same for IPhone 4. It might have just come to Vz but the iPhone 5 is expected to comeout soon. If you want a new X the Bionic looks like the same territory. I wouldnt buy right now unless you go for a D2G or something like that. I hope a D3 is in the works but not a whole lot of leaks about that one yet. Usually we know about a phone a couple months before the release. (we usually get leaked pics somehow) So yah, just wait a couple months to see whats happening with smaller devices. I honesly think the X is too big myself... even if its thin it still is to tall and wide for some of my pockets!