Smart actions glitching


Apr 14, 2013
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Hello, I have a Droid Razr M, and i've had it for a little less than a month. I have the smart action "battery life saver" that when my batter reaches 10%, some things happen to help save the battery. Well, my phone, at 80%, said that the battery life saver smart action was active. I could get it to go away by hitting the "disable all" smart action button (This disables ALL my smart actions, which are all used by myself throughout the week). But when I would activate the smart actions again, the batter saver would start up. This problem could not be fixed by just disabling just the battery saver, or even deleting the battery saver smart action. Now I have all of my smart actions disabled for the time being, so the notification won't pop up. How can I get it to stop, permanently? Should I power off my phone, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on? Please help.