3 questions - please help .

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Apr 6, 2012
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I posted this message on smart actions section but not sure if it should be there or here.

3 questions - please help .

3 questions.

1. If using smart actions , does my battery drain with all the smart actions i have open at the same time or does it just use up CPU , RAM ?

2. Ex... Does it matter if i use Battery Extender smart action
Actions - GPS off, Background sync disabled, Cellular data disabled

If i already have GPS settings off ( settings, Locations & Security , Standalone GPS services ) .
If i already have 4G/3G off ( settings, data manager, Data enabled unchecked )
If i already have Background data off ( settings , data manager, Background Data unchecked ) .

Do i need that smart action if my main settings are already off ?

3. What is background data ? What is Data Saver ?
All i do to my phone is listen to radio , text message, internet, send and receive calls.
Do i need background data or data saver unchecked ?
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